What’s your approach to photographing a wedding day?

The simplest way to answer that is, I focus on emotion. I don’t dwell on creating poses as much as I do documenting your day as it unfolds in a creative and intimate way.

How many photos does a typical wedding include?

A traditional wedding will include an average of 500-700 images while an elopement or intimate wedding will average 300-400 images.

Pinterest & Shot lists?

When it comes to recreating poses for your own photographs, you’ll always feel a sense of disconnect, trying to produce something that has already been done. I feel entirely grateful to connect with you on your wedding day and confident we’ll create original works of art that are true to your personality and genuine emotion.

Will you give us some tips on creating a schedule/timeline?

Yes! One of my favorite parts of wedding planning is helping my brides draft a perfect timeline for their day to run smoothly. I’ve got plenty of experience with what a realistic schedule looks like, so I’d be honored to relieve that stress from you.

How long will it be before our photographs are ready?

On average, you can expect your entire collection to be complete in 4-6 weeks and 10-12 weeks during the lively wedding/holiday season (October-December).