The Personality.

Simple terms? Honest and True. What you see is what you get…even if I’m a little awkward and witty at times. I’d much rather skip the small talk and hear about what gets you out of bed in the morning than chat about weird things like Ohio weather. I’m intrigued by the heart and inspired by meaning. I’m married to a hunk of a hard worker, Lee, and have an obsession with making things look awesome. My favorite place to be is home — out in our garden or inside the house, attempting to cook a mean meal from scratch (okay, let’s catch you up to speed, my husband is the king of the kitchen –BUT, I put forth a good effort at least once a month! ;)). We LOVE going to new places and experiencing true culture. Basically, if you’re into working hard and loving people…who cares whether you’re wedding planning or not, we NEED to be friends!


The Photographer.

If you haven’t gathered by now, I love real moments and live from an artistic perspective. I’m more interested in your long-term happiness than I am in saving pennies and cutting corners when it comes to your memories. I want you to treat our collaboration as a meaningful investment; knowing our end goal is quality work with an intentional experience. Couples who use creativity as a way to express the legacy of who they are, will effortlessly find working with me to be a natural fit for their wedding day.

I’m based in Northwest Ohio and passport ready for your destination. 😉